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Empathy the Key to Customer Loyalty

Rafael Sánchez Loza - Genesys Mexico
General Manager


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/23/2022 - 10:27

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Q: What is the importance of a well-designed and empathetic chatbot?

A: Chatbots are a fantastic tool that can help companies personalize customer service but providing a quick response is not enough. Everyone has chatbots and as those digital interactions replace human interactions on the business side, there is a need for technology that can create a connected experience. Empathy has been the key to improving that experience. Customer service also needs to be a multichannel experience where customers can find the help they require. The more ways there are to interact, the better.



Q: In terms of customer reach,  are quick responses or personalized solutions recommended? 

A: Customers believe that a company is only as good as its customer service, so empathy over speed is important. In some cases, the speed of resolution is good, and there must be quick answers. However, many customers want the company to understand their needs and problems. In reality, it depends on the type of customer and their expectations of the service being provided. At Genesys, we help our customers determine how their customers are segmented. Each company needs to develop and deliver the best service in terms of that segmentation



Q: How can mapping customer interactions at all points of contact help bolster a company’s business?

A: The personalization of customer service provides a return on investment because if customers start thinking or feeling that you are taking care of them, you are increasing customer loyalty. This means customers will come back to you. By taking care of the customer, you provide a differential that can make your business the proper connection for them. The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation because companies had to find a way to make digital experiences very personal across various digital channels. This is a permanent change, so the faster a company defines its strategy for interacting with its customers, the better. 



Q: How can an all-in-one contact center become a key tool for SMEs and big corporations?

A: Technology helps companies make their business more democratic. If you are offering a product and want to compete with the big players, you will need storage and a logistics plan that may not be as developed as that of an SME. Especially for small companies, technology can enable them to compete on a more level playing field, primarily because of the cloud. These tools do not require a big investment and the payback can be huge. 



Q: What is the key to transforming tedious online experiences into seamless and enjoyable interactions?  

A: The obvious answer would be technology. Our technology, for example, uses a great deal of artificial intelligence to recognize what the customer is saying in real-time and then proposes the next step for the person in charge of the service. Once the interaction has ended, a recording is used to check what happened during that conversation to identify areas of opportunity. There are tools that help people become superhuman, and empathic at that. Even though all of this looks simple, there is a huge gap to close for companies using this help to become a better source of support. 



Q: What are the main differences between Genesys Cloud and multicloud?

A: Both are fantastic solutions. Genesys Cloud is our own solution that we provide as a service and the multicloud helps us provide our solution on a wider scale. This means we can provide a broader service in other clouds, such as Google and Microsoft. This works for companies that have their own architecture and feel they need to be in control and connected to their own solutions. 



Q: What are key points to consider for companies that are just starting to design their cloud strategy? 

A: Everything starts with the customer. The first thing would be to look for the technology that adapts to their needs. Also, companies should look into generating the correct roadmap that allows the company to fulfill its vision, which is important because the company needs to integrate every single piece of its process. By having it mapped out, it is easier to see where improvements can be made. Another piece of advice I would give is that platforms need to be intuitive and intelligent at the same time because a company can get a great deal of information and use it to be better but if all the information is difficult to reach and there is no understanding of it, then there is no value added to that information. The cloud is a fantastic tool, but it also should be a part of a strategy to serve your company and the customer better. 



Q: What can clients expect from Genesys in 2022?

A: We are focused on helping our clients better serve their customers. We are present in 100 countries and we want to improve our relationships with our clients and become their partners. We will continue building the company and deploying new solutions that are of benefit to Genesys and our partners. Also, we will introduce new services for the health, banking and insurance sectors.



Q: As the new general manager of the company, what are your goals

A: I want to continue improving our results and working toward attracting new customers. Mexico has a heritage and a great tradition of customer service, so my expectation is to implement this same level of attention when it comes to digital customer relations. I want to use Genesys technology to continue and progress in that sense, providing fantastic customer service through different channels. 


Genesys is a leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions that aims to give organizations the power to deliver proactive, predictive and hyper-personalized experiences to deepen their customer connection across every marketing, sales and service moment.

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